Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android

If you are looking for Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android. Then you are at right place.
I love shooter games on the mobile device so in this post I’m bringing you top 10 gun shooting games for android. Also, the games I mentioned on today’s list are free to play.
Let’s get into the list.

Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android

1. Free Fire

The first game on this list is Garena Free Fire. This game has 72 million downloads across the world on android alone. It has the look and feel of PubG Mobile but for some reason, people love playing free fire.
Which one is going to be your favourite game? The best way to tell is to download a bunch of them try them out and see which one fits your fancy. This one right here probably the most popular of all time.

2. Call Of Duty Mobile

Next on the list is Call Of Duty: Mobile which may be one of my personal favourites. Call of Duty Mobile brings the experience that you remember from playing on console and pc to the android mobile done flawlessly.
The graphics are incredible reminding me of my experiences playing these games years ago when they were on the console. A great replication of the game that is so much fun to play with controls that just feel natural. There’s no reason that you shouldn’t download call of duty mobile.

3. PubG Mobile

Now coming in at number three is PubG: Mobile. With 34 million downloads PubG Mobile is right behind Free Fire as one of the best shooters on android mobile.
So you’re gonna have to decide after you try both Free Fire and PubG, which one you prefer. Both of them are incredibly solid games.

4. Frag Pro Shooter

Number four is Frag Pro Shooter. Probably the most cartoony game on this list of Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android.
But a ton of fun to play Frag pro shooter is incredibly addicting. This game is so much fun very different because it automatically fires. You don’t need to shoot.
Frag pro shooter is the first arena shooter on this list. It’s one that’s worth your time, not the most popular but possibly one of the most fun.

5. Nova Legacy

Coming at number five is Nova Legacy because you know you need something that looks like Halo.
On the list, nova legacy brings to you the futuristic feel. So if you’re into the space-themed futuristic alien type shooter game nova is one that you’re going to want to try.

6. Warface Global Operations

Warface Global Operations FPS is at number six on our list. This one having that modern futuristic-looking battle sequence that many people love like modern warfare 3.
It is another version of a shooter that you really would probably enjoy. The graphics are on point and the controls are intuitive and comfortable as well you can customize your weapons and build weapons.
Warface Global Operations is the least popular on this list with only 218000 downloads but doesn’t mean it’s not a good game.

7. Dead Effect 2

Another game that is also not one of the most popular but still a lot of fun to play is Dead Effect 2. Although possibly not as refined as some of the other games that we saw on the list.
Dead Effect 2 does have something different. It has that space-age zombie bloody feel that is a lot gorier than we’ve seen before. This game reminds me of dead space.

8. Critical Ops

At number eight we have Critical Ops online multiplayer fps shooting game. This game is going to give you the feel of counter-strike.
So if you’re looking for a classic shooter-style game then Critical Ops is for you. Critical Ops may be one that you’ll like if you’re into the whole counter-strike thing.
Again not one of the most popular on the list but one that is gonna give you the feel of the counter strike.

9. ShadowGun War Games

At number nine we have ShadowGun War Games online PVP FPS. This is the next edition of ShadowGun Legends brought to us by Mad Finger Games.
With a lot of colours and a great looking game, we have a PvP team-based shooting game that does well. This one is the smallest and the least downloaded on the list that doesn’t mean anything goes play it.

10. Modern Combat 5

The final game on today’s list is Modern Combat 5 esports fps. Before Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire and PubG Mobile came onto mobile devices, everyone was playing a version of Modern Combat.
It has a nice element of the game that is not only multiplayer but also a single-player element as well.
Hope you like this article about Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android.
Whether it be any game on the list of Top 10 gun Shooting Games For Android is going to tickle your fancy and make you need to download it. If you liked any of the games on the list let me know which one’s below in the comment section.

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