Groww Vs Kuvera: Which is Better?

Groww and Kuvera both are Best Mutual Fund Apps that are being used by millions of people.

Here’s our most comprehensive comparison of Groww Vs Kuvera. Give a try to both the Apps and use the one that suits your needs from below links.

Looking for the most comprehensive Groww Vs Kuvera review? You’re in the right place.
Nowadays Mutual Funds have become popular investment option. It is because of awareness by Mutual Fund Sahi Hai campaign and increasing active internet users in India.
People are looking for the best online platform to invest in mutual funds.
Both Groww and Kuvera are the most preferred Mutual Fund Apps in India with zero charges for investing.
Both the direct mutual fund apps help you to invest in different mutual funds in India and build a small portfolio according to your risk profile.
If you are struggling to choose between Groww and Kuvera, let us compare both so that you can find out which one is better.
Let’s get started.
Groww Kuvera
Commission Zero Zero
Call &
Coverage 44 AMCs 39 AMCs
External Fund
Switching To
Direct Funds
Portfolio Insight
Goal Planning
Family Account
Stock Investment
Tax Harvesting

Introducing The Two Competitors

On one side, we have Groww.
Groww is most popular mutual fund app. Recently they have introduced a direct stock investment option in their app.
On other hand, we have Kuvera.

Kuvera is also the best app for mutual fund investments. Kuvera is the first completely free investment management platform.

Groww Vs Kuvera: Pricing Compared

Both Groww and Kuvera offer zero commission mutual fund investments for free.
There are no charges for investing in or redeeming from mutual funds in both platforms.
There are no hidden fees or charges. Services like switching funds or tracking external funds, everything is 100% free.
Earlier, Kuvera used to charge a fee for investments but in later, they made the platform absolutely free.

Groww Vs Kuvera: User Interface

Both Groww and Kuvera have their unique look.
Kuvera’s interface is clean and simple. On other hand, the interface of Groww gives you premium look.
Personally, I find the user interface of Kuvera more easy to use as compared to that of Groww.
This is a personal opinion and most people may find the UI of Groww better than Kuvera.
I would recommend you to explore both the platforms and then decide which platform is better to use.

Groww Vs Kuvera: Customer Support

During investment in mutual funds, you may face problems of online money transfer and many other.
To tackle that kind of issues you need highly responsive customer support. And this is where both apps are doing a good job.
Kuvera offers support only via email. There is no telephonic support.
While Groww gives you both call and email facility. Groww also offers you live chat option in their app. This option is very helpful to you for quick support.
If you are comfortable in call-based customer support to get your queries resolved. Then, Groww is the best pick for you.


There are 44 asset management companies (AMCs) or mutual fund houses operating in India.
Kuvera supports investment options across 39 AMCs.
While Groww has 35 AMCs as fund partners.

External Fund Tracking

In both platforms, you get a facility of tracking your existing external mutual funds.
Many of you have been investing through Mutual Fund Companies (AMCs), Banks, Financial Advisers or through Distributors. If you want to track the performance of your existing investment portfolios at one place then this feature is for you.
This feature adds more convenience to your portfolio management. This process is simplified by both Groww and Kuvera for you.

Switching To Direct Funds

Every mutual fund comes in two plans – a direct plan and a regular plan. The only difference between them is that regular mutual funds have a distribution commission while direct mutual funds do not.
The direct plan of mutual funds gives higher returns than the regular plan as they do not include the distribution commission. Additionally, the returns keep compounding.
Both Groww and Kuvera have the feature of switching your regular plan funds to direct plan.
When you import your external mutual fund portfolio, you have an option to switch to direct mutual fund schemes.

Other Features On Groww

1. Portfolio Insight

Groww portfolio insights

Portfolio Insight is like an X-ray of your investments. This feature gives you a full analysis of your portfolio.
There different insights:
✓ How your investments are diversified across sectors and stocks
✓ Updates about your fund
✓ Investment analysis
✓ Fund splits by capital gain

2. Stock Investment

Groww stocks

You can directly invest in stocks as well in the same platform by Groww. It needs opening of Demat account.
This is a good feature. You can have stocks and mutual fund in one platform.

Groww: Pros and Cons

Call support
Detailed portfolio analysis
Mutual Funds and Stocks in one platform
Fund Comparison
No goal planning
No family account
If you are planning to register with Groww app, then you can use my referral link.

Other Features On Kuvera

1. Family Account

Kuvera family account

If you are the only person in the family who have knowledge about mutual fund investment. Other family members for example your mother might want to invest in a mutual fund, but she has no idea about it.
You can now create a family account, to manage your mother’s mutual fund decisions within a single account.

2. Goal Planning

Kuvera family account

You get an option with Kuvera using which you can create life goals and you can assign each mutual fund to one or multiple goals.
You can set up goals like child higher education, owning a home, planning for vacation etc.
You can also view your percentage goal completion. This feature helps you stay focused on your mutual fund investments.

3. Tax Harvesting

Kuver tax harvesting

Tax Harvesting is a technique that utilises the ₹1 Lakh annual LTCG exemption by selling and buying back part of your investment such that you realise gains and not pay taxes on the exempt Rs 1 Lakh of LTCG.

4. Stocks

Kuvera stocks

It is a new feature in Kuvera. You can import your stock portfolio from your existing stockbroker in your Kuvera account.
By using this feature, you are able to track your stock holding also in same platform.

Kuvera: Pros and Cons

Goal planning
Family Account
No call support
No detailed portfolio analysis
If you are planning to sign up with Kuvera, then join with code "4L5XB" and get 100 Coins.


All your investments are safe in Kuvera.
All financial transactions happen directly between the investor and the AMC. It uses the BSE Star MF platform for transactions.
Kuvera is a just platform to make your transaction convenient.

Yes, you can.

Recently Groww has introduced a direct stock investment option in their app.

In case of any unfortunate reasons, if the Mutual Fund platform shuts down, you can still continue your investments with respective Mutual Fund house (AMCs).

You can also redeem your funds directly from the AMC.

Yes, you can withdraw money at any time from investments in mutual funds which are open-ended.
Closed-ended funds can be withdrawn only at the end of tenure.


Between Groww and Kuvera, I liked Kuvera as it is much feature-rich online platform for mutual fund investments.
If you want a single platform for Mutual Fund as well as Stocks, you can go with Groww.
But if you want to focus only on Mutual Funds, Kuvera is for you.
Did you like the Groww Vs Kuvera review?
Which one do you think is the best among Groww and Kuvera?
If you are using another platform other than Groww and Kuvera which is equally good or better, do let me know in comments.
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